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What Did People Do Before Toothbrushes?

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For years, mankind grew and evolved without a toothbrush to be found. So how did early man avoid the dental problems we deal with today? Well, sometimes, he didn’t. But for many years, people managed to take care of their teeth without toothbrushes, dental floss, or mouthwash.

In early days, people would scrub their teeth with a twig or leaves. They even made their own toothpicks, or used animal hair to floss their teeth. But the biggest difference between then and now was diet. Our ancestors had a much simpler and healthier diet than we do. It was high in fruits and vegetables and protein when they could get it. They also ate a great deal of fibrous foods, which are not only good for the body, but can also scrub the teeth, and often have a high water content. Water hydrates the body and the mouth and can wash away food particles. Speaking of water, in prehistoric times, water was not just the drink of choice. It was the only choice. There were no sports drinks, soft drinks or alcoholic drinks.

A healthy diet can help you have healthy teeth. Just ask any caveman, if you can find one. You probably won’t find one at Dr. Thomas Kratzenberg’s office, but that shouldn’t keep you away. Our dentist can give you a cleaning and exam, and help you understand how you can eat for healthy teeth. If you want to make an appointment at Allegheny Dental Group in Irwin, Pennsylvania, call 724-978-0136 today.