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The Uses of a Dental Crown Beyond Cavity Treatment

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Dental accidents such as a cracked or chipped tooth can occur suddenly, and dental crowns are often the ideal treatment to repair your smile. If you are unfamiliar with the uses of dental crowns beyond cavity treatment, we can tell you more about how they can benefit your smile.

The ability of dental crowns to restore a tooth’s shape, size, shape, and color has made them very popular in the dental field. A dental crown can be used for the following functions:

– Support of a tooth with little original structure after a large filling is placed
– To anchor a traditional dental bridge to your smile
– Prevention of cracks or breaking in a weak tooth
– Protecting an extremely worn-down tooth or holding together the pieces of a broken tooth
– Enhancement of a discolored or misshapen tooth
– Overall smile improvement
– Finishing the last step of a dental implant

When it comes to improving your smile, a dental crown has many uses, and a custom-made dental crown from Allegheny Dental Group can also provide a highly stunning smile. We welcome you to call 724-978-0136 today and schedule a consultation with our friendly dentist, Dr. Thomas Kratzenberg, if you would like more information on our dental crowns in Irwin, Pennsylvania.