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Reaching the Pinnacle of Oral Health Care: Teenage Dentistry

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To make sure that your smile has the best chance of functioning properly, always be aware of risks that could befall your smile during your teen years. Several oral health problems can arise when your wisdom teeth erupt. As wisdom teeth are the last of your permanent teeth to erupt in your mouth, it is important to protect your mouth from common risks including tooth decay, infection, or a cross-bite that may develop. Visit our dentist during your wisdom tooth eruption so that your mouth can be restored and repaired if needed

Another common risk to a teen’s smile is in the form of sports. Many teens play sports, but they often are aware of the risks that doing so can have on their smile. If you are involved in any sports, particularly contact sports, wear the necessary safety appliances whenever possible. To help prevent damage that can set your smile back decades, wear mouth guards, face masks, headgear any other form of equipment to keep your face safe.

Beyond sports, various peer pressure risks during your teen years may befall you due to the influence of your social circle. Do not get involved with any potential activities or bad habits that can do damage to your teeth and gums no matter how much you may be enticed by your friends or family.

The time is now to enhance your smile with teenage dentistry care from Dr. Thomas Kratzenberg and our team at our dental office in Irwin, Pennsylvania. Allegheny Dental Group wants to help you with your smile as you age, so call us at 724-978-0136 to book an appointment.