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How Will Dentures Affect My Eating Habits?

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In addition to replacing missing teeth, new dentures also call for a few adjustments in your diet and eating habits. Chewing food with artificial teeth may feel strange for a while, and it’s important to practice. We are happy to guide you through how to adapt your eating habits for dentures and which foods to avoid.

– Eat soft foods: A diet of soft foods is ideal for new dentures, and you would do well to take small bites as you practice using both sides of your mouth and chewing slowly.

– Bite carefully: You will no longer be able to bite into food using your front teeth without a second thought. This can loosen your dentures, making them unstable and allowing them to shift and irritate your gums. Bite with your canines instead or avoid this method altogether.

– Gain confidence over time: In just days or weeks, you will notice your dentures becoming more comfortable and allowing you to eat tougher and firmer foods again. This does not mean you should try chewing gum, hot foods or anything with sharp bones and shells, though.

– Adapt your diet long term: When you are accustomed to eating with dentures, you can largely regain your original diet. However, nuts, seeds and sticky food should be avoided.

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