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An Oral Appliance Can Save Your Smile During Sports

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Tooth and jaw damage is sometimes unavoidable and can be common among walking toddlers or active kids. However, it is unnecessarily high among athletes who play high-contact sports due to a lack of proper protective gear. We encourage you to wear one or more of the following three appliances to protect your mouth during sporting activities:

– Sports mouth guards: These appliances protect your teeth from suffering tooth damage by absorbing any impact to your teeth and jaw if you are struck by a ball, an elbow or a hard fall. Whether you participate in football or gymnastics, a mouth guard is vital to preserving your oral health.

– Face masks: Sports that involve objects being launch at high speeds, such as baseball and hockey, can often result in oral and facial injury if the players aren’t wearing protective gear over their mouths and facial structures.

– Helmets: It’s important to shield your skull as well as your mouth when participating in a rough sport or biking so that your life isn’t changed by a severe oral or facial injury or a nasty concussion.

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