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A Lost or Loose Dental Crown Needs Professional Treatment

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A dentist often uses a dental crown to replace a tooth’s enamel layer. They are often used to address a significant dental fracture, large cavity or as the final phase of endodontic therapy. It is cemented to the internal anchoring abutment with a strong dental grade adhesive.

Sometimes an oral injury or complications from poor oral hygiene habits can weaken the dental adhesive causing the dental crown to feel loose. In some of these instances the dental crown can potentially fall out.

In a moment like this you need to have the tooth examined by a dentist like Drs. Kratzenberg and McKee. After examining the health of the abutment our dentists will present you with a treatment plan. Sometimes our dentists can simply replace the dental crown.

If the anchoring abutment was damage in some way, our dentists might need to perform a endodontic therapy. Otherwise known as a root canal, this treatment plan will restore sufficient structure to anchor a replacement dental crown.

In some severe cases their might not be enough healthy structure remaining in the socket and the root will need to be extracted. After your gums have healed our dentists will help you understand your dental restoration options.

If you live in the Irwin, Pennsylvania, area and you have lost a dental crown, you should call 724-978-0136 to seek professional attention at Allegheny Dental Group.